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Summer Sun Is Rainy


Hi peeps,


For the last two days, it has been pouring rain and freezing cold. #cheerfulopening

Which means, as all my Swiss readers will know, that summer probably isn’t coming back.

Just think, though: in a few weeks, this could be us :D

And so, I will accept reality by giving a little appreciation towards the beautiful June/July that we had.


Obligatory view pic #ticino


Obligatory tasty food pic #mylifeisbetterthanyours

And, well, most of the rest of my summer can be summed up by this:



Although, I did get free roses on my romantic evening with whatshisface:


Ungrateful much? Well, they’re dead now anyway…so #forgiveandforget, yknow? #truehippie

And to come to a close, we’re going to Europapark tomorrow, cuz it’s my Mom’s birthday!!

Prepare for my transformation into an adrenaline junkie

Happy birthday, Mom!!!

Wait, thats not right…

Thats more like it :D





How To Avoid Tan-Lines! – an ode to modern fashion


Hi peeps!


Ok, so summer ist upon us. #observant

And I am very gradually coming to the conclusion that it might be time to change out the cardigans and scarves I’ve been wearing for clothes that will allow my skin to breathe and develop that radiant, healthy, sun-kissed glow.

i feel like that dress doesn’t do much for her complexion, but this is the color i’m going for

The only issue is, in order to wear summer clothing, I must own summer clothing.

In order to own summer clothing, I must buy summer clothing.

This is a very real obstacle.

See, what happens in clothing stores (and let’s be honest: we know I mean H&M #forlife) is that I walk in, all confident and cheerful, I drag myself around the aisles – despite armpit sweat and questionable oxygen levels – picking and choosing, like a good customer should.


Then, after standing in line for the changing rooms for *five minutes* (half and hour), I get to trying the things on.

And suddenly, the mirrors are surrounding me!

The flourescent lights are blinding my eyes, all I can do is to squint suspiciously at my reflection…

Searching for the clothes I supposedly just put on… And the terror hits me!

please pay us 30 bucks to be naked :)

My knees wobble.

I desperately attempt to free myself from the strips of fabric.

Whimpering, I slide down the wall and hit the floor.

My body, once so motivated and full of life, now lies helplessly on the scratchy carpet, waiting to be rescued.

One leg halfway through a pair of hot-pants, price-tags strewn around me like bullets.

Limbs twitching.

I….can’t…go on….

Accepting the vicious, cruel reality of what is now considered fashion, I consider the advantages of nudism.

No tan-lines?

should i give in to the pressures of society?

Deciding to preserve my dignity, I opt for…procrastination.

Shopping can be completed a different time.




Too Darn Hottt #queue jazz music


Yello peeps,


I don’t believe I’ve mentioned yet where I live. So, meet Switzerland!

I go to school on the tip of that mountain in the back, actually. Also, we wear lederhosen and dirndls to school and have private jodeling lessons. I do love my country though, tbh.

And to refer to my title: In a place where 25° celcius is an unusual treat, we have of late been enjoying temperatures that go all the way into the mid 30s! (ahhh the song reference suddenly makes sense – groovy)

*smiles as her body burns to a crisp*

So while this is certainly a welcome change from snowflakes in May, I, as a humble human, do have a few *comments*.

1. I have conceded to living almost solely in my bedroom with the fan blowing directly on me at the highest setting.

just relishing the cool breeze over here

2. Because without this, I cannot draw enough oxygen into my weak, spoiled lungs.

3. The fact that I am 100% single with no prospects whatsoever has actually become a true comfort in my life – as I don’t have to worry about my SO drowing in my sweat as we make out.

summer would take a dark turn

4. I am quite convinced that something like this will soon happen:

Commuting to work/school/meeting friends via tram, all the hawt (aww yeah) passengers crowd to the shady side of the vehicle, and all seems to be going well, UNTIL

“I thought I could…”







I’m just sayin’.

It could happen.

I have also been spending an inordinate amount of time sprawled out on my bed in my bikini. So in case my neighbors can see through my window: you’re welcome.

and ja betta believe it

Anyway, in this time of hardship, with all this beautiful weather, I have become particularly grateful for life-saving things such as

cold showers

hello me


also me

just water actually

70% me


oh and theres me again

–> I just summed up heaven for you ;)

So go have a lemonade ˆˆ