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computer space – feeding the addiction


Hi peeps,


Recently, I managed to destroy my trusty childhood bed by jumping on it a little too enthusiastically.

Let’s not forget the time I fell off and cut my ear…#yepineverlearn

And, as sad as that is, it was decided that a new bed should be introduced to my teen cave, which wasn’t altogether tragic.

So, as we were browsing the Ikea site, my mother succeeded in convincing me to get a full, queen size bed instead of a single-forever twin.

“Someday you’ll bring someone over and then you’ll be glad.”

That’s right! For the first time in my life, I’ll be able to sleep next to my love without pushing them off the bed!

I have to say, Mom, I’m flattered, because I suppose she’s imagining something like this:

I mean, you get it.

When in reality, we know which love I’m talking about.

Hahahahahahaha just kidding, i use windows, obviously.


Look at those love-stricken eyes.

It’s supposed to arrive on tuesday, and you bet I’ll be taking brag pics.✌ 😎





17 and pregnant?! #theshockingtruth


Hey peeps,


So I’m seventeen, and what better time than now to think about reproducing?

No but *seriously*. I have recently decided that I want three kids:

one girl

one boy

and the third one doesn’t matter.

And, I mean, apart from the fact that I’d obviously be a great parent

see? i didn’t even have to be told!

my brother has given me a whole new perspective on the topic (because of course this is the kind of thing we talk about):

“Of course I want kids. A bunch of tiny mes running around? Yes please.”

That is a direct quote, people. (And now we know the truth. Cloning should definitely be [il]legal.)

Basically, I can’t wait to live vicariously through my kids :D – and the dating world will be better for it, because I am determined to make my sons the most well-behaved gentlement on the planet. Thank me later ;)

clearly, the internet provides great parenting advice, so i’m all set

Also, talk about big, stylish plans for my daughters.


If we’re going to be honest here, the only thing getting in my way of being the equivalent of Mary Poppins is my extreme egotism and singleness.

oh, well, and yknow, this…

You don’t think I’m ready?