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Gifts To Give To Your Favorite People


Dear peeps,

So, with Christmas creeping ever closer, I thought it’d be about time to create a little list for myself of all the things I need to buy.

What do you mean “it’s September”?

But before we begin, I would like to mention that we could give this post an alternate title, perhaps “Making Friends: Part 1”



And be thorough about it!

“Weight Loss For Dummies”

“This did wonders for my friend’s cousin!”


Bonus points if you explain their symbolic resonance.

Mouth wash

As with deodorant: Don’t go cheap. Get the good stuff.

Kitty sweater

Making their baby this happy is bound to draw you two closer!

“I ♡ Paris” key-chain – especially when she’s never been to Paris

Because nothing says love like taking thirty entire seconds to pick out this three-euro treasure.

A cactus

“Oh I know just where to put this!”

The gift you’re regifting and forgot they gave you.


“I did my best to get you something useful!” – “Awww how sweet!”

“11’002 things to be miserable about”


One-size-fits-all socks

*sandals not included*

*sandals not included*

Also, just a quick side note: I may or may  ot have received and/or given various items on this list…

Now, scamper off and play, kids!




I know im beautiful, but come on.


To the kid that stares,


*i stare back to make you uncomfortable*

*you just keep staring*?!?!?!!??

then of course theres the grown men that do that…

Can u not?





Sit on my stuff please.


To the lady who mistook my school stuff for a seat cushion,


Walks into an almost empty tram, sits down right next to me while i frantically pull my bags out from underneath her, doesnt grace me with a hello – or a glance, for that matter. Sits in silence, glaring into space, the entire way.

Well ok…