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Meet: Pedro


Hey peeps,


I have a friend (shocking as that may be). His name is Pedro.

Let me tell you about Pedro.

He has thin brown hair and likes to wear plaid button-ups.

it’s his favorite.

He is nearing the end of puberty, and has been attempting to grow a moustache for the past few months. #emphasisonattempting

I won’t include a picture. For reasons.

He has a crush on my other friend (my popularity is astonishing, I know), and he regularly texts her good night. Lots of emojis. She doesn’t respond. This does not appear to deter him.

Pedro’s hobbies include: long walks on the beach, Call Of Duty, and Polly Pocket.

His younger sister, Annabeth, loves horses.

She really loves horses.

like, really loves them.

Halloween is coming up very soon, and Pedro, prepared as he always is, has been planning his potential costumes for months: a banana, a genie in a lamp, or Ken.

Which one do you think would get the most females? –> comment below to help Pedro decide!

…And I have a little confession to make: I don’t have a friend (wait for it) named Pedro. I do have friends. I swear.

I just think there is probably a Pedro out there who fits this description. Sorry to any normal Pedros I may have offended.