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Sleeping Under The Stars – getting hit by meteors


Hey peeps,


Yes…it’s been a while…

I have various excuses on hand (one of them being a combination of laziness and the big bang theory), but let’s not dwell.

let the cuteness calm you.

I have been quite busy the last week, including my close-to-nature experience of last night with my best friend and her sister.

It all started with their determination to prove to their parents that they could definitely manage to camp in a tent for a night (I’m not entirely sure how that happened but there seemed to be mention of a five star hotel, a bathrobe, and much smugness on somebody’s part). And I was then invited to join them in their endeavor.

We were going to fight against this philosophy.

So, I arrived, and since I don’t own a sleeping-bag, we began thinking of other comfortable methods of spending the night in the grass. We set up:

  1. A tent.
  2. A hammock.
  3. A lounge chair.
  4. Two air-mattresses.

The tent came with one little problem, namely that we were missing one of the pin-down-thingies #professionallingo

However, being the ressourceful geniuses that we are, we came up with an alternative solution:

This be tha sista holding our solution.

This be tha sista holding our solution. (this solution would later help demonstrate my extreme [lack of] tennis skillz)

This was eventually achieved, and it started getting dark, so naturally, we proceeded to gossip and tell totally intimate secrets. #omgsosneaky

cute toddler or mean girls? better go with both.

And then, as it got darker, we realized the grass was comfy, so with two sleeping bags and the air-mattresses, we completely left the tent and its friends at one end of the garden, and made ourselves comfortable under the night sky.

shhhhhhhh…. #notquite





It was magic :)

So, we started doing some serious wishing. Like, big-time abitiousness here.

But I won’t tell you what my wishes were and ruin my magical chances.

It is a rare occasion on which I get to use this meme. I am always grateful.

We fell asleep at about 1 in the morning, and then woke up at the crack of dawn to the totally *un-judgemental* stares of joggers passing by. But hey, we had more fun than they did, so I regret nothing.

Here are some proof pictures:

In the night, taken with a 6% battery phone. And no, there weren't any "normal" ones... :D

In the night, taken with a 6% battery phone. And no, there weren’t any “normal” ones… :D

Drying stuff off the next morning. Who knew the cold would cause the moisture to descend upon us :P

Drying stuff off the next morning. Who knew the cold would cause the moisture to descend upon us :P

Well, we couldn't just not use the tent at all...

Well, we couldn’t just not use the tent at all…


oh my god, this pic just out-styled us all O_o #nowifeelbad

Oh, and I forgot to mention: the shooting stars turned out to be the result of the meteor showers. Just fyi. #funfact. Yeah.

Ah, it’s nice to talk to my lovely readers again. ˆˆ





I Almost Met Freddie Mercury (and other trivialities)


Good morning peeps!


Yes, I’m up, and actually writing again, finally. Now before I continue, I’d like to just say that I wish I were still asleep because my mother came in with her motivated “rise and shine” just as I was about to meet Freddie Mercury in my dream.

i will begrudge her this forever

Apart from that though, I’m writing out of guilt, since I sortof disappeared for like three days. But I have much exciting news! *audience squints unconvincedly*

Well, I did go to the library, and borrow books for research on my graduation paper. My topic is 9/11, so this shouldn’t be dismal.

*immediately feels guilty about slight humor*

Oh, but in other news: My mother has decided that it would be in all of our health-benefits to try going vegan for a week. Testing it before a permanent decision or something.

I am that man. That man is me. The ball is tofu.

And so of course, I am now realizing how much of my diet consists of things that apparently don’t qualify as vegan. Such as everything that isn’t fruits or vegetables.

I had an entire pack of rice-cakes for breakfast this morning.

It was delicious.

(They even specify the “ingredients” on the packaging: rice.)

But tomorrow is the last day, and then I hope (I’m assuming, please God) that Mom will come to her senses. I’ll die from eating meat and cheese if need be (and we all know I mean the cheese), because otherwise I’ll die from not eating them. And which one is the slower, more painful death? That’s right.

So, enjoy all the beautiful food you eat today, and savor the taste for me!




Too Darn Hottt #queue jazz music


Yello peeps,


I don’t believe I’ve mentioned yet where I live. So, meet Switzerland!

I go to school on the tip of that mountain in the back, actually. Also, we wear lederhosen and dirndls to school and have private jodeling lessons. I do love my country though, tbh.

And to refer to my title: In a place where 25° celcius is an unusual treat, we have of late been enjoying temperatures that go all the way into the mid 30s! (ahhh the song reference suddenly makes sense – groovy)

*smiles as her body burns to a crisp*

So while this is certainly a welcome change from snowflakes in May, I, as a humble human, do have a few *comments*.

1. I have conceded to living almost solely in my bedroom with the fan blowing directly on me at the highest setting.

just relishing the cool breeze over here

2. Because without this, I cannot draw enough oxygen into my weak, spoiled lungs.

3. The fact that I am 100% single with no prospects whatsoever has actually become a true comfort in my life – as I don’t have to worry about my SO drowing in my sweat as we make out.

summer would take a dark turn

4. I am quite convinced that something like this will soon happen:

Commuting to work/school/meeting friends via tram, all the hawt (aww yeah) passengers crowd to the shady side of the vehicle, and all seems to be going well, UNTIL

“I thought I could…”







I’m just sayin’.

It could happen.

I have also been spending an inordinate amount of time sprawled out on my bed in my bikini. So in case my neighbors can see through my window: you’re welcome.

and ja betta believe it

Anyway, in this time of hardship, with all this beautiful weather, I have become particularly grateful for life-saving things such as

cold showers

hello me


also me

just water actually

70% me


oh and theres me again

–> I just summed up heaven for you ;)

So go have a lemonade ˆˆ