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Karma is REAL


Hey peeps!


If we’re to be quite honest, my blog has not lived up to its own standards. Penny “shares too much”, pah!

Where is the TMI? Where are all the embarrassing stories I’ll regret sharing?? Where is the promised blackmail material???


So I’ve decided I’m really going to try to tell you more on here, otherwise I’d have to give up my blog’s name, and that would be sad.

So firstly: I now have definitive proof that Karma is a thing.

There I am, whistling some irritating tune to the undelight of my friend, when the piece of gum I’ve been chewing suddenly no longer tastes good. Karma step 1.

To rid myself of the hideous mass, I removed it from my mouth and chucked it, with a violent jerk of the hand, into the nearest bush. And then, seconds later, Karma STRUCK AGAIN! My boot snagged on the next pot-hole, and I was flung foward with a jolt, smashed onto my face, broke my nose, and was rushed to the hospital!!

Just kidding. But I tripped. It was traumatizing.

Secondly, we all know Halloween was last Saturday, and my friends and I made the most of it.

With months, weeks, days, and finally, hours of preparation, we planned, bought, and fixed our costumes to ultimate perfection! Here are the stunning results:

the unstoppable trio: devil, angel, and fallen angel #original


broken doll is added #promakeup


a closeup on our stunning faces

a closeup on our gorgeous faces


a toast to repelling demons #amazinglighting


i just realized this can be my christmas outfit as well. #astarisborn #donotbeafraid #onlysortofkidding

In any case, we were ready to partay, and we weren’t going to be stopped by anything (not even the Christmas candy and deco at the grocery store – although Jingle Bells may or may not have been sung).

Of course, then we were back home by midnight – basically, it was cold, and Switzerland doesn’t have any adequate Halloween occaziones, so that was rather disappointing. And, obviously, to be safe at witching hour.

But the costumes were worth it! I mean, people saw, marvelled at us, asked for pictures. #queens

And now, thirdly, for the big announcement:

I’ve started a YouTube channel! It’s called Penny Lunasun, and it was a rather spontaneous idea.

That’s right, I’ve decided to spread my genius (*genius*) even farther into the internet, and I’ve filmed 5 videos sofar. They are all HD and have totally pro editing, needless to say. hahahaha no seriously. I know there’s room for improvement, but I figured hey, if no one laughs at my jokes, at least they can laugh at me. Or just let the therapeutic sound of my voice wash over them as they meditate.

Anyway, along the lines of this post, here’s the video I uploaded just before Halloween, so excuse the excellent quality (it was filmed on my tablet :P), and voilà:


I hope you like it! :) *please like it*

And if you subscribe, more gold will follow!





7 Things To Do When Your Computer’s Down


Hi fellow Internetpeople,

So, for no particular reason, my computer got tired of its duties and decided to take a short break….for four days.





You can imagine my despair, I’m sure.

Life. I think you meant life. Life over.

Honestly, it’s a problem.

Especially because I had a big math assignment due in a week and no chance of using my laptop. It took me forever to explain my dilemma to the teacher. Who can blame her, when I then had to explain that it was really my brother’s computer because I had already broken my actual laptop by accidentally pushing it off my bed, so I couldn’t use his, and my Mom was out of town so I couldn’t use hers, and my Dad was in a different out of town so off limits as well. So convincing.

She was having none of it. Thankfully, she eventually took pity on my abysmal situation.

The one positive experience to come from my four day disaster is that a lack of computer definitely brings out the creativity in me. I have discovered all new ways to entertain myself and keep myself occupied. Or rediscovered, actually.

Soooo, first on the list of possible time killers isss:

1. Read a book! Seriously, I started reading “Jeeves and Wooster” again, and it was FABULOUS. Thank you, Jeeves. Isn’t it sad though: My parents used to have to force me to do anything but read, and then I would still read in secret. Now look. They must be proud of what they’ve accomplished.

2. Play on your phone! I’m half surprised, half pleased that this was not my very first desperate idea, because that shows there may still be hope for me.

3. Solve Sudokus! They are massively addictive though, so beware. My city has these free newspapers that have puzzle sections. It’s becoming a problem. Any logic puzzles, crosswords, you got my attention.

4. Make yo-self purty! ALL THE MAKEUP! ALL THE NAIL POLISH! ALL THE SELFIES! Might not be one for all you peeps, but, y’know, do your thing. Don’t judge me, I won’t judge you.

5. Listen to music! While practicing your slayin’ stage performance in your room – lip sinc or sing irl, both totally acceptable.

6. Go for a walk / ride your bike! I’m trying to ignore the fact that my first idea that involves leaving the house is number 6. But whenever I do leave the house, I’m always glad, so remember: Exciting things only happen outside your boundaries ;)

7. Do that DIY thing you’ve been meaning to do for months! Yeah, that one. I know you’ve got that thing. Paint a wall? Rearrange your furniture? Sew a skirt? It could be anything. Go do it.

Note: This one takes a bit of personal convincing and forced motivation, as it requires being mentally and physically active. I was almost able to replace the posters in my room. Give me six days next time, and it might happen. Oh yeah. I’ll show y’all.

Really! Pwommise :))))

So there! I hope I have provided you peeps with some ideas, whether you’re without laptop right now, planning a trip to your grandma’s place with no WiFi, or just want to turn your life around!

Be strong, everyone!