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“if you’re not shaking, you need more coffee.” ~ a smart dude


Yello Peeps,


Those who know me can probably confirm that I am very….in touch with my emotions. I’ve mentioned before that I am a crier when it comes to movies, or the time I bombarded a guy with insulting memes for asking to be friends with benefits. And usually, this part of my personality gives me what I like to think can be considered a bit of quirkiness.

wait, I thought this was about quirkiness… come on, it’s not all bad… I’ll just stop now.


The danger really only starts when even I can’t decide what to feel. Yes, torn between emotions. Ripped in two. Confused.

This doesn’t happen very often, and yet, recently, I have not been able to escape the spiral of doom that is my feels. Don’t worry, nothing tragic has happened (*paparazzi scurry away disappointedly*). But some of you may remember a post I made a lonnnng time ago (voilà le fabulous post), about how I need to be stressed, or I won’t feel productive.


“I regret nothing.” ~ defiant bird

It has happened.

I took on a ton of projects, procrastinated on all of them, and am now in hyper-adrenaline mode, on a permanent caffeine-induced high, pulling all-nighters left and right,


i can see sounds

Basically,  I have next to zero time to do anything but work, so I constantly feel like the most productive, achieving Penny I could possibly be, and I end up getting eight hours of work done without even noticing how the time has flown. Oh the joy, the ecstasy, the loveliness of life! The happiness is endlesssssssssssss.

However, this all comes with a down-side.

The lows.

I’m talking about in-between-Starbucks phases when the weight of my responsibilities suddenly slaps me in the face and I end up having hysterical fits of crying on the carpet in my room or taking desperate five-second naps in the bathroom.

It’s that bad.

Of course, sometimes I just zone out and realize after ten minutes that the wall isn’t my top priority at the moment. But you get the picture. I’m sure I’ll survive.


Do you think there’s such thing as acute bipolarity? Let me know in the comment section…

Also, I’d love to know if I’m really the only one that does this :P





things to do instead of that assignment thats due today – how to win at life


Hi peeps,


I’m hyperventilating as I write this, because while I’m supposed to be writing a French essay that’s due this evening, every cell in my body is fighting against my basic survival instinct, convincing me that ambitions aren’t important. (More to this wisdom with my inner hobo.)

In other words, I really really don’t want to write the essay. #wheretheresnowill

Here is a list of things I have done in an effort to fail my class:

1. Spend entire evening binge-watching Jimmy Fallon.

2. Practice musical instrument – you’re being “productive“, not “running away from responsibility”, sheesh.

3. Pretend to do “research” on your topic (hello, google images).

4. Lie face-down on couch.

5. Stare into open refrigerator, munching on a rice-cake.

6. Plan what I’m going to do to make myself do the assignment. (lose track and wake up on pinterest)

7. Have a headache.

8. Search for “how to stop procrastinating” – subsequently watch all of Superwoman’s YouTube videos.

9. Open Word. Choose font. Cry.

Well, those are my positive words of advice for today, because now I’m going to go “write my essay”…

A high-five for everyone who made it to the bottom of this post!

U rock man




Onision Restored My Confidence


Hey peeps,


Before I’m off to go swimming (talk about too darn hott), I’d like to say something about Onision, aka Gregory Jackson. (check out his main channel here)

It can very well be argued that Onision says too much sometimes. Too direct, too harsh, extremely judgemental. Quite often, his opinions are highly controversial.

And I don’t think we would get along. At all, really. He’s too unforgiving a person for me to forgive – ya dig?

However, you have to hand it to him: A lot of what he says, as un-sugarcoated as it is, can be very true – and that seems to be his motto anyways.

Especially on his channel “UhOhBro”

And despite everything, I actually have a rather subjective and very personal reason to appreciate his channels, and that is this video.

Now, I’m sorry that the video might well be offensive to plenty of other people – I mean, what he says might not even be entirely true – but honestly, I don’t care.

I can tell you: I work out. I eat healthy. Am i skinny? No I am not. Do I have a thigh gap? Nooo I don’t. In fact, with my specific build, I’d actually have to starve myself to the point of emaciation to have any mentionable thigh gap.

Now, I have always known that I was healthy, and that, logically, I shouldn’t need a thigh gap for any real reason. Not only that, I am normally an extremely confident girl, and one who cares very little about the judgement of the masses.

And yet, this predisposition couldn’t prevent the effect that social media and other women’s expectations had on me for years, undermining my self confidence, substracting from my personal happiness.

Then, in a moment of particular resentment towards this goal I would never reach, I discovered Onision’s video. All I can say is that watching it gave me more confidence than I had had in ages. It felt good just to hear anybody go on about how okay it is not to be skinny – but especially a guy, considering the less than honest relationship between most girls (discussed in this recent post).

Alas, this is an unlikely scene irl…

And it’s not just that one video that deserves more gratitude. Onision has made countless videos promoting common sense and healthy lifestyles, instead of what might be a popular opinion or, in this case, a (for most, though not all, as he admits) unattainable and unhealthy beauty ideal. He keeps it real, and though I may disagree with some things he says, I respect that.

I will watch his videos. Until. He. Stops. Posting.




How I Totally Crushed The First Date #orsomething


My darling peeps,


As I am young and rather inexperienced, such things like first dates and flirtacious actions don’t exactly come, well, naturally to me.

However, at my class’ end-of-the-year party, a rather socially awkward Penny became a very fearless one. (more to Party Penny and her misAdventures here ˆˆ)

And so it came to be that I somehow ended up taking selfies with a particular party crasher, while gently ignoring his attempts at hitting on me, as I was more in a yaysummer mood than a flirty one.

my impending doom

Soon, it was time for me to head home – gotta love a curfew – so I bade my goodbyes (oh so tearful), and was off.


This guy apparently hadn’t had enough of the hot mess he had just encountered…so he got hold of a number, and texted it, without even knowing whose it was. The friend of mine who happened to be the textee asked me if it was ok to give this guy (we’ll call him Jake) my number.

Now, whether this behavior should be categorized as hulloh-prince-charming or potential-stalker, I was quite flattered, so I agreed. And whaddayaknow, Jake texts me and immediately starts gushing out emojis and little compliments, and after a few brief exchanges, asks me out on a date.

Like I said, my current mentality was more focused on me, myself, and my sunny July. But who can resist the persistent attention of a new admirer? We set an appointment, and eventually, it was time.

*Sigh* Well, not only had Party Penny met this person instead of Real Time Penny, but it had also been dark. So I was a little surprised when I spotted him in the distance – and it became clear that he was about an inch and a half shorter than me.

Please don’t hate me, I really don’t want to be this shallow, and I realize I sound like the most arrogant little brat in the world. So, I told myself that his personality might be absolutely stunning, and that he might sweep me off my feet on a whole different level.

See this is NOT me. I swear. #diggingmyowngrave

However, he was also wearing flip-flops and a tank top, which was almost a slap in the face considering the effort I had gone to in order to make myself date-worthy (yet seemingly careless, of course). We’re talking standards here.

And suddenly, a wave of nervousness hit me. What if we were, as I suspected, completely incompatible? What if he thought I was hideous? Why did I even care? I had to circle around the building and calm down before actually going up and saying hi.

hahahahahaha sure thing #notlikeitsmyfirstdateinninemonthsoranything

I might say the date was…underwhelming. Jake was a nice enough guy, so no personal grudges there, but it was pretty clear that we were neither meant to be, nor were we looking for the same type of relationship (what kind of relationship was I looking for anyway?). And though a glass of wine tried to persuade me otherwise, I knew that there would be no happy ending to this story.

my birthday is creeping towards the present…so…(pls get me this someone)

Towards the end of the date, I was desperately trying to stay flirty and fun while simultaneously remaining at a physical distance. But with his determination, there was no polite way out of an eventual kiss. (ok, maybe I just need to learn to say “no”, but it really wasn’t the end of the world. I’ve kissed people before.)

This. Guy. Was. A. Smoker.

I think you can imagine what I’m about to say.



except, yknow, less nicolas cage and more decomposition

Stopping myself from ranting on that topic, let’s just note that the date was over rather quickly after that (again, curfew, this time to my rescue). And I started planning how to subtly push Jake away from my dating life.

Well, again via text, I soon made it rather obvious that I was not romantically interested, which was met with little resistance. Except that, as I said previously, the two of us had entirely different priorities.

And he promptly suggested we become friends with benefits.

I needed to escape, and quick.

I attempted to decline the offer, but he kept pushing the idea, insisting that he really enjoyed kissing me.


Finally, I lost it. Sortof. Knowing myself, I knew that putting my thoughts into words might come across a little….well, much like a bomb. Destruction and chaos might result. So I controlled myself. Sortof.

What I ended up sending him was a long chain of memes (about twenty I’d say), describing what an utter douchebag I considered him to be. I’m not exactly proud.

does this make me one of them?

Needless to say, the conversation was cut short – this involved an angry retort on his part and my blocking of his number – and I was free!

But, yknow, trust that love will find you! There’s someone for everyone! #lovewins

I’ll just enjoy my sunny July over here ˆˆ




7 Things To Do When Your Computer’s Down


Hi fellow Internetpeople,

So, for no particular reason, my computer got tired of its duties and decided to take a short break….for four days.





You can imagine my despair, I’m sure.

Life. I think you meant life. Life over.

Honestly, it’s a problem.

Especially because I had a big math assignment due in a week and no chance of using my laptop. It took me forever to explain my dilemma to the teacher. Who can blame her, when I then had to explain that it was really my brother’s computer because I had already broken my actual laptop by accidentally pushing it off my bed, so I couldn’t use his, and my Mom was out of town so I couldn’t use hers, and my Dad was in a different out of town so off limits as well. So convincing.

She was having none of it. Thankfully, she eventually took pity on my abysmal situation.

The one positive experience to come from my four day disaster is that a lack of computer definitely brings out the creativity in me. I have discovered all new ways to entertain myself and keep myself occupied. Or rediscovered, actually.

Soooo, first on the list of possible time killers isss:

1. Read a book! Seriously, I started reading “Jeeves and Wooster” again, and it was FABULOUS. Thank you, Jeeves. Isn’t it sad though: My parents used to have to force me to do anything but read, and then I would still read in secret. Now look. They must be proud of what they’ve accomplished.

2. Play on your phone! I’m half surprised, half pleased that this was not my very first desperate idea, because that shows there may still be hope for me.

3. Solve Sudokus! They are massively addictive though, so beware. My city has these free newspapers that have puzzle sections. It’s becoming a problem. Any logic puzzles, crosswords, you got my attention.

4. Make yo-self purty! ALL THE MAKEUP! ALL THE NAIL POLISH! ALL THE SELFIES! Might not be one for all you peeps, but, y’know, do your thing. Don’t judge me, I won’t judge you.

5. Listen to music! While practicing your slayin’ stage performance in your room – lip sinc or sing irl, both totally acceptable.

6. Go for a walk / ride your bike! I’m trying to ignore the fact that my first idea that involves leaving the house is number 6. But whenever I do leave the house, I’m always glad, so remember: Exciting things only happen outside your boundaries ;)

7. Do that DIY thing you’ve been meaning to do for months! Yeah, that one. I know you’ve got that thing. Paint a wall? Rearrange your furniture? Sew a skirt? It could be anything. Go do it.

Note: This one takes a bit of personal convincing and forced motivation, as it requires being mentally and physically active. I was almost able to replace the posters in my room. Give me six days next time, and it might happen. Oh yeah. I’ll show y’all.

Really! Pwommise :))))

So there! I hope I have provided you peeps with some ideas, whether you’re without laptop right now, planning a trip to your grandma’s place with no WiFi, or just want to turn your life around!

Be strong, everyone!