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the excitement that is couch #sniffles


Dear peeps,


I make it my goal to share as much as possible with you – too much, ideally – yet this is made challenging when days are spent blinking drousily into the stabbing sunlight, lounging lifelessly around on the sofa.

Basically, being sick is extremely exciting.

This actually happened to me once (i had a runny nose)

So instead of fascinating you with all the riveting details of my ailments, here’s a list of things to do when you’re under the weather:

1. Paint nails.


2. Watch movie. Youtube. TV series.

Be doted on by mother. Exploit her kindness.

3. Plan crafts on Pinterest.

4. Think about fun.

5. Look at yummy recipes. Don’t go in kitchen because you are contageous.

6. Stare into the abyss, listening to that buzzing noise you always hear when you’re sick.

7. Listen to country & jazz, because that doesn’t worsen the headache.

Appropriate sticker.

8. Complain to everyone.

9. Feel ignored and rejected.

10. Go on “bens bitter blog” to join in the bitterness.

11. Be mocked by the beautiful sunny weather.

it burns usss

12. Decide you’ll have fun if you want to, do fun thing, get sicker.

Determined. To. Have. Fun.

So, now that I’ve inspired all of you with my up-beat mentality, I’d like ro remark that yesterday, August 1st, was national Switzerland day over here!

And as a sign of my overwhelming patriotism, I am expressing my celebration the day after :D

I did wear a red shirt yesterday, so I think it’s fine.


This, btw, was the “fun” i was talking about #groceryshoppingwithmom