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Summer Sun Is Rainy


Hi peeps,


For the last two days, it has been pouring rain and freezing cold. #cheerfulopening

Which means, as all my Swiss readers will know, that summer probably isn’t coming back.

Just think, though: in a few weeks, this could be us :D

And so, I will accept reality by giving a little appreciation towards the beautiful June/July that we had.


Obligatory view pic #ticino


Obligatory tasty food pic #mylifeisbetterthanyours

And, well, most of the rest of my summer can be summed up by this:



Although, I did get free roses on my romantic evening with whatshisface:


Ungrateful much? Well, they’re dead now anyway…so #forgiveandforget, yknow? #truehippie

And to come to a close, we’re going to Europapark tomorrow, cuz it’s my Mom’s birthday!!

Prepare for my transformation into an adrenaline junkie

Happy birthday, Mom!!!

Wait, thats not right…

Thats more like it :D





8 Things To Do On A Long Flight – you can flyyy you can flyyy you can flyyyyyyyyy ˆˆ


Hi peeps!


As it is summer, I figure many of you may be going to exciting new places, travelling the world, visiting relatives, hangin’ at the beach, all of those fab things.

And of course, in order to achieve this fun (*insert salsa dance emoji here*) it is often necessary to fly.

alas, not like this #crushingdreams

This can be – entirely apart from the whole airport experience – quite a grueling process (although, the feeling of imminent death at take-off and landing do provide rather thrilling adrenaline rushes). Of course, as long as you’re not afraid of flying – I won’t add in any statistics here because I’m not sure if they’d be helpful or not – you can always just watch a dulling stream of, yknow, four, five, six movies and be done with it.

no judgement – also, fun fact: Whenever I’m on a plane, I get this irresistable urge to watch all the depressing movies – and I mean ALL of them. Les Mis, The Book Thief, Titanic, Gladiator, you  name it. So then my neighbors get the beautiful picture of mascara streaming down my face the entire flight. I can’t help it.

However, it’s only a matter of time before you’re really just watching the leftover options, and this could be anything from StarTrek (pls don’t attack me for that) to Mickey’s Great Adventures. Ah, yes. Boredom strikes!

But do not despair, for here I have made a list….WAYS TO OCCUPY YOURSELF ON LONG PLANE FLIGHTS!!! #applauseapplause

1. Ring up the flight attendants for water. Decide you don’t want it when they arrive. Repeat until they refuse to come. Then complain.

jk I just wanted to put that in there. No rly here goes:


1. Move aroung until you discover the perfect sleeping position.

Pro: This could last the entire flight.

Con: Because that position doesn’t exist.

now THERES a real option

or you can always do it like this

2. Entertain the small child two seats down.

Pro: Could last the entire flight, because the child doesn’t tire.

Con: Could last the entire flight, because the child doesn’t tire.

fun, fun, fun all the way

3. Become friends with your neighbor.

Pro: Interesting new conversation partner.

Con: Realizing you have nothing in common two hours into your ten hour flight.

when they side with your ex… #friendsproblems

4. Listen to classical music on the radio.

Pro: Very sophistication, much educated.

Con: 30 minute speaking-intermissions no one listens to.


5. Draw and express the talent you don’t usually have time for.

Pro: “Wowww did you draw that?”

Con: “We are experiencing some slight turbulences. Please remain calm.”

i don’t even know what this is

6. Read that book you’ve been meaning to read.

Pro: You’re finally reading that book.

Con: “We are experiencing some slight turbulences. Please remain calm.”


7. Sleep. (referring back to 1., this might be difficult)

Pro: Avoiding jet-lag.

Con: …but you could be watching a movie…

Two types of people.

8. Watch movies until you arrive.


Con: …feeling unfulfilled?

nahh, she looks fine

Imma be watching the movies. No question.

Have a great trip! (See you in the fall – hehe)


Also, it’s my Dad’s birthday today – he’s 45 :)

Happy birthday Daddy!





Finding the Loophole – For Irresponsible Under-18s


Hi fellow Internetpeople,


So it my friend had her 18th birthday, and she was to throw a party.

Now, living in a country where the legal drinking age is 18, I felt obligated to make sure she was provided the proper material. My present to her would have to include some of the strong stuff.

before the 18th birthday


The only slight problem was… I am still 17.

This was going to be a delicate matter.

Along with another friend – for “moral” support, if you can call it that in this situation – who is 16, I showed up at the grocery store, where I knew I could buy a shot (which could easily be concealed from judgmental stares).

At first, we sneaked suspiciously around the alcohol section for a bit, trying to find the ideal gift. To our dismay, however, the little one-person-bottles were placed behind the counter, meaning that there was only one way to go about the situation:

Looking as casual and uncaring as seemed humanly possible while my heart raced and my legs wobbled, my friend and I slid up to the counter, glanced nonchalantly at the cashier, and I asked:

“Um…excuse me please…we would like to uh…buy, well, you see, um, a shot, actually, so yeah…”

So articulate.

Oh look, that’s me!


The cashier shot me a look so critical I thought I was going to burst into flames.

I tried not to sweat.

“What, um…would you, hehe, suggest?” my friend added, to further improve our credibility.

I suppose the guy didn’t want to embarrass us right away, so he sighed and pulled out a couple brands.

My friend and I stared at them, utterly clueless. One of them was a couple bucks cheaper than the other, so I was tempted to go for that.

“Ah, a fine choice”, the young-ish cashier sneered, “if you’re sixty. Seriously, only old people drink this. It’s gross.”

So, my face burning with shame, I pointed at the other bottle – a plain old vodka I had sampled on occasion – and croaked that I wanted to buy that one.

“Ok, can I see your ID?”

ahh, me again…


I suppressed a gulp, and began searching for my wallet. My friend and I shot panicked looks at each other. I was no way going to get away with this! What should I do? Cover my age with my thumb?!

Sadly, I’ll never know if I’d have gotten away with it, however, because I totally chickened out and blurted:

“How precisely are you gonna check?!”

This is exactly the look we were given.


Needless to say, we had no choice but to spend the next five minutes pestering 20-ish looking people to help us, until finally, a girl agreed. I was so grateful I tipped her two bucks (making it nearly 10 altogether).

I’m writing this article so that BirthdayGirl can appreciate what I went through for her :P