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Onision Restored My Confidence


Hey peeps,


Before I’m off to go swimming (talk about too darn hott), I’d like to say something about Onision, aka Gregory Jackson. (check out his main channel here)

It can very well be argued that Onision says too much sometimes. Too direct, too harsh, extremely judgemental. Quite often, his opinions are highly controversial.

And I don’t think we would get along. At all, really. He’s too unforgiving a person for me to forgive – ya dig?

However, you have to hand it to him: A lot of what he says, as un-sugarcoated as it is, can be very true – and that seems to be his motto anyways.

Especially on his channel “UhOhBro”

And despite everything, I actually have a rather subjective and very personal reason to appreciate his channels, and that is this video.

Now, I’m sorry that the video might well be offensive to plenty of other people – I mean, what he says might not even be entirely true – but honestly, I don’t care.

I can tell you: I work out. I eat healthy. Am i skinny? No I am not. Do I have a thigh gap? Nooo I don’t. In fact, with my specific build, I’d actually have to starve myself to the point of emaciation to have any mentionable thigh gap.

Now, I have always known that I was healthy, and that, logically, I shouldn’t need a thigh gap for any real reason. Not only that, I am normally an extremely confident girl, and one who cares very little about the judgement of the masses.

And yet, this predisposition couldn’t prevent the effect that social media and other women’s expectations had on me for years, undermining my self confidence, substracting from my personal happiness.

Then, in a moment of particular resentment towards this goal I would never reach, I discovered Onision’s video. All I can say is that watching it gave me more confidence than I had had in ages. It felt good just to hear anybody go on about how okay it is not to be skinny – but especially a guy, considering the less than honest relationship between most girls (discussed in this recent post).

Alas, this is an unlikely scene irl…

And it’s not just that one video that deserves more gratitude. Onision has made countless videos promoting common sense and healthy lifestyles, instead of what might be a popular opinion or, in this case, a (for most, though not all, as he admits) unattainable and unhealthy beauty ideal. He keeps it real, and though I may disagree with some things he says, I respect that.

I will watch his videos. Until. He. Stops. Posting.





Why Teen Wolf Is So Popular #somysterious


Hi peeps!


So, of late, I have been devoting what may seem like too much time to a new show I’ve just discovered (praise the lord for internet streaming) – that is, a show that has existed since 2011, meaning that I can shamelessy binge watch it until my brain turns to mush. #hurrahhh

*silently mourns the life she once had*

And, yes, the title has already ruined all the built up tension (I tried). It’s Teen Wolf.

Now, admittedly, I can only think of two things about the show that are worth paying any attention to, namely the storyline and the JAWDROPPINGLY GORGEOUS ACTORS (cuz let’s be honest; the dialogue and cliff hangers are almost ridiculous – they’ve used the “you’re gonna need a bigger boat” reference at least twice in four seasons, to my knowledge; something that doesn’t go unnoticed when absorbing 4 seasons in one week).

But in all honesty, who doesn’t want to see a bunch of stunning people kick people’s butts?

I mean, look at this gorgeous boy:

*silently drools over computer screen*

But not just Dylan O’Brien, oh no, then we’ve got Tyler Posey

that haircut does you favors, mate

Daniel Sharman

i mean could they get any uglier?

even Colton Haynes, even though you kinda hate him

gorgeous little slimeball

and let’s not even start on this piece of PERFECTION #LoveTylerHoechlin

ok so i added a couple more pictures…it’s not like there was any competition in the first place *.*

even the evil bastuart of a particular character whom I won’t include for spoiler reasons, but I think anyone who’s watched knowssss who I’m talking about.

And let’s not forget about the girls (I’m talking to you, Holland Roden).

beautiful Crystal Reed

and last but not least, our newbie, Shelley Hennig

Ok, so I’m a little sorry for fangirling all over my blog, but I did make a category just for that, so suck it up, peeps. You know you enjoyed those pics thoroughly. :) :) :) :) #somebodyloveme




The Truth About Black Audis


Good morning peeps!

Now you might wonder what on earth I could possibly tell anyone about cars, and you would be right. However, the truth is always (or at least often) in the eye of the beholder, so don’t underestimate my ability to edify just yet.


You have no idea what expertise are simply waiting to amaze you.

So trust me; I may not know how to change a tire, I may not know know how to drive a stick – in fact, I can’t drive at all – but let me enlighten the world about just one thing: black audis.


Look at it. It appears innocent enough, no?


Wanna be friends? No. Don’t even. Don’t listen to it. I know it’s shiny.

Well believe me when I assure you: This car may be harmless. But. Its driver is not.

There is something about the slick, slightly bad-ass look of the black audi, the smooth drive, the subtle gear shifts (actually, I wouldn’t know if this is true, but you get my point) that attracts a *certain* type of person like BEES TO HONEY. I kid you not.

*applause for fabulous pun* – mehhhhh

These drivers are a special kind of evil, for they do not seem to realize that – as my mother so cleverly put it – the laws of physics (or any laws, really) apply to them.

Let me visualize my message. Some typical, endearing habits of said drivers include, but are not limited to:

1. Riding your tail.

2. Driving through red lights.

3. Motioning profanities via car windows.

4. Passing at inconvenient – yes, this is a euphamism for “life threatening” – times.

And though I have no official studies or scientific evidence to “prove” this, my family and I have seen it happen time and again. Therefore, I’d like to call out to society, in an attempt to bring awareness to this topic of mass insanity! Pray to the gods – or better, car dealers – that one day, black audis might be saved from the fate of being cursed with such an unsightly reputation! Trust that things can get better! Nothing is impossible!

paradox, anyone?

Heed the warning! Don’t be that guy! …And drive safely ;)




The Accidental Rhyming


Yello Peeps,


As someone who pays a significant amount of attention to language, I have a tiny pet peeve. Some of you may be familiar with it. So here, a little poem to illustrate a point:


art is beautiful

one cannot deny

music and paintings

i will not lie

they touch my soul

till i might cry

how wonderful

oh my oh my

much rhyme, very rhythm, so wow #meme-ception

but hark the

accidental rhyme

wait for it

it only takes time

to ridicule

our human speech

ear drums sense

a security breach

to visualize

imagine a poem

that doesn’t rhyme

How awful would that be?

yes, i am comparing accidental rhymes to this

i know you saw

it killed the vibe

the atrocity

just cannot hide

again, note the comparison

so before you speak

please take some time

reflect and avoid

the accidental rhyme

and a toast to an attempt at sophistication