Monthly Archives: January 2016

missed opportunities


i ate an entire chocolate bar

in the parking lot, standing next to my car.

no one saw, they mustnt know

and now, with an ambitious glow

the wrapper crumpled in my hand

i spy, over there, a garbage can.

i raise my arm, raise it way up high

i raise it up into the sky

the heavens gasp as the wrapper flies

across the lot, across the skies

it draws a rainbow in the air

oh what finesse! oh what flair!

the wrapper disappears in the can

i holler and yell “yeahhhh whos da man?!!”



then a tear rolls down my cheek

as i think of my future, cold and bleak

i shouldve been a basketball star

instead, i get into my car

and remember: i ate an entire chocolate bar.

guess thats my legacy so far.

*screams of horror at self* *desperate crying* *comfort eating chocolate*