le petit tour de zurich :D (new video) #imadeathing


Here’s the new YouTube video I’ve managed to upload:

the precious video #achievements

It took me forevvvvva* to edit, because my skillz on Windows Movie Maker are still….primitive, to say the least (the most?) BUT I DID IT!!!! *exhausted maniacal laughter*

*hours and literally hours and all night and day and hours of my life omgawd


Also, be prepared to meet a new friend of mine. :D His name is Zombiestone, and I’m quite sad to be sending him home :(


Anyway, if you’d like to see me do a certain video – a tag or a challenge or whatever – just leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do ;) * to be whispered seductively*

Oh, and if you want to see my full channel, I’ve customized a cute little link, voilà: tinyurl.com/pennylunasun





Feel free to express yourselves :) #madonnareference

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