Ever-Growing Infamy – plus holidays


Good day to you peeps!

And what a good day it is indeed!

What-ho? you say.

Yes! For on this fine earth-rotation, Penny Shares Too Much has reached

in my defence, i typed in “drumroll epic”, and not “childhood friend on fire”


So, kneel before me, as I rule your universe of Randomus Shitoneous, and let me lead you into ever rising levels of ridicule and destruction!

We shall defeat our enemies together and rule the world!

Nothing will stop the sharing!

Too. Much. Can’t. Stop.

For example:

Today, I bought a pumpkin for Halloween (the night of slutty minions and penis onesies is nearly upon us),

And as I was walking home with my baby (yes, I mean the pumpkin – *whew*), there was a man walking behind me, and I suddenly contemplated the possibility of him suddenly attacking me and eating me for his Hallow’s Eve banquet.

But then, I realized that I would be fully capable of defending myself, because I could just smash his evil skull in with my giant orange globe, and then scamper away unscathed!

Hurrah for spontaneous weapons!

So, now you know how to survive an unexpected ambush when carrying only a pumpkin. Have a safe and happy Halloween!!!!!!!




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  1. Yesss! We lives to serves, oh mistress!

    We totally should! Then none would be able to stand against our combined might and the blogosphere would be all ours! Uhm, I mean, yours! All yours! ^_^ Definitely sounds like fun! You got anything in mind?

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  2. Oh! Oh! And then the pumpkin that crushed his skull replaces his head (because evil and magic and stuff), raises him from the dead and leads him on a roaring rampage of revenge! … Hollywood, here I come!

    But I digress. Now allow me to raise my glass in celebration of this most recent grand victory! Hail Penny, supreme mistress of the universe! Long may she share!

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