Missing Sizes


Yello peeps,


In a bit, I will continue reading my German assignment, but because I don’t want to, I’m going to give you this little tidbit instead.

Have you ever been an unusual size in…anything?


The following situation actually happened in my home: “oh gabriel come look at these shoes on zalando! Arent they…oh crap they’re only a size 48” of course, we’re talking european sizes (a size 48 in the US might not fit through the door…) but cmon.


The struggle is frigging real. Don’t tell me you don’t know exactly what this picture means to you. Ladies. You know.

The other side of shoes…

I had a friend once who still had to wear these when she was twelve. The degradation.

Bras….(your life must be seriously difficult #onlyhalfjoking)

And…suddenly I’m wondering if this blog is child-friendly…


Yknow what, this one isn’t even that unusual, so I say: It’s time for the hair-tie manufacturers to adjust to the real world! #vivelarevolution

And we all know about the solution that can sometimes be found for problems such as these: the “one size fits all“. Obviously, this never works (as clearly demonstrated by the hair-ties and every pair of gloves ever). Really, it should be called the “one size fits nobody“.

In fact, the most well-known example which I think every single person will recognize, is…


I don’t need to explain this. I just don’t.

Damn right.

So my friend and I recently came up with the idea of “Pringles’ sizing”. I mean, imagine walking into the grocery store, and going to the counter and holding up your delicious Sour Cream n’ Onion box and going “I’m sorry, do you have this seven sizes up?”

And they would reply “Why yes, let me get that from the back, I’ll be right with you.”

All the problems would be solved.

Of course, as I write this, a more logical solution dawns upon me, and I would like to call out, in the name of the people, to all you Pringles bosses:


And now, having conveyed my message, I’m outie. #hellagangsta





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