hair like a disney princess (hint: no)


dear peeps,

grammar and pics are probably going to be shit in this post (because im raging it onto my iphone rn)


do you have curly hair? then you can guess what is about to be said (typed furiously onto tiny keyboard)

do you not have curly but have seen someone with “curly” (frizzy) hair?

this is a GOOD version (awesome actually)

let me explain why.

its too challenging to take care of for anyone who does not have the utmost determintion not to look like an oily/bushy hag.

or give up and wear cela.


well i got my hair cut today, and because i was feeling upbeat and adventurous, i said (yes i actually said this): “you can just dry it naturally, no straightening”

did you just…

*a moment of silence while the nature of my stupidity sinks in*

the hairdresser was of course thrilled to have my “exciting” hair to play with. note: play.

after cutting, in went about fifty different products (curl cream, mousse, “anti-frizz” conditioner, and “nutritioner” or whatever-she-called-it were just a few…)

having mild doubts, yet being the naive *twit* that i am, i said nothing.

then the diffuser was pulled out of a drawer – and did i hear dust being blown off ot it?

needless to say, i looked like a crispy, greasy, bird-nesty queen from the…future? when we go through the next dark ages?

“do you like it?”

biting back tears, i stared into the mirror. (i suppose the good thing would be that i was giving myself r-patz cheeks #sosexy)

“well, its um…curly”

“i think its extremely flattering”

“its…different than usual”

“oh. shall i blow it straight?”

“maybe, thatd be nice, thank you”

so, me sitting there with my face the color of, well, an embarassed face, her pretending not to be offended, i waited for the magic disney styling to finally happen, as it usually does.

bring it on!

but oh, whats this? a blow-dryer, i see.


not wanting to cause any further complications, i did my best to zone out and ignore the massacre that was happening before my eyes.

so, looking beautiful, i got up to pay, and found out that the careful treatment i had received was going to cost me almost 20.- more than the original price.

im going to wash my hair (for the third time today) and cry in the shower now.

judge me, i dont even care. *sniff*



p.s. ok so i ended up editing it on the tablet and adding pics.


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