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Another Nomination OMG – the liebster award


Yello peeps!


On Sunday evening, I received a nomination from Alex for the Liebster Award. A huge blushing load of gratefulness to her, I was honestly quite shocked. I felt extremely flattered…and then proceeded to do nothing about it for four days. – It’s not my fault. Really, I promise. I’m actually in Ticino right now with a friend and we only have wifi when we leech off of cafés and restaurants (some of which don’t take kindly to this behavior).

Seriously, this has become our number one criteria – that and how expensive the ice-cream is.

So, here’s the deal with the Liebster Award:

1. Thank the wonderful person who nominated you. (check ˆˆ)

2. Display the logo for the award.

3. Nominate 10 other bloggers.

4. Answer the questions that the person who nominated you has set.

And as the incurable chaot that I am, I’m going to blatantly skip on to point 4.

Do you prefer to dance in the rain or sleep underneath the stars?

Rain. Not even a question. Because not only do stars require it to be night, making me vulnerable to death by wild animal (say hello to my genuine fear of the dark), but why would you ever not dance in the rain?!

*I’m sexy and I know it*

What movie do you think is worth watching?

*has seizure trying to decide on a single movie*

I’ll go with the one I just saw in the theater: Jurassic World.

Velociraptaaaaaas!!!!!!!!! (And yes, Chris Pratt)

What book do you think is worth reading?

Does the complete Harry Potter series count as one book? ˆˆ

Otherwise probably The Book Thief or I Am The Messenger. Both by Markus Zusak. Both read and re-read over and over.

If given a choice, which mythical creature would you want to be and why?

Hehehehe a greek goddess – probably Athena or Aphrodite. Because power. :D

But who knows whether I am or not?

she’d actually be a good option too

What is your favorite dessert?

You meant desserts*.

chocolate, brownies, and mint chocolate chip ice-cream. Without hesitation.

Who inspires you the most?

Well, this is going to be awkward: As much as I love and admire my mother, I have to say “me”. I have my own dreams and ambitions; why should I try replicating someone else’s life?

Off the top of my head of course, I suppose I have some common goals with Louise (Sprinkleofglitter), because she’s gone to University, she’s stylish as *, confident, and she’s written a best-selling book by age thirty.

Oh and actually, my all-time favorite blogger is definitely Allie, from “Hyperbole and a Half”. I just bought her book and I’m totally in love. Not sure why she doesn’t post any more, it’s quite disappointing.

what do with life now?

When was the last time you ate food and were so full but you just kept eating anyway?

…too recently…

…moving on…Where do you want to live?

Hahahahaha get ready for boring: Switzerland, which is where I am now. It’s beautiful and the educational system and economy are both amazing. Why would I leave?

However, I definitely want to live in both London and Paris for a while.

What was the funniest nick-name ever given to you?

*shudders* P-Dawg.

I know, I know. My brother thinks it sounds like a gangster rip-off.

So hilarious.

He’s gone through with it for two years now. And gotten my eight-year-old cousin and my uncle to join in.

Bravo. So much lol.

I guess it could be worse…?

Which movie made you cry the hardest?

You may want to sit down for this one, because I don’t believe in limitations when it comes to serious business.

The Book Thief


The Notebook

The Fault In Our Stars


Les Miserables

Dear John

Band of Brothers (I know it’s a series, but I’m talking about the last episode in particular – in fact, I’m reading the book now)

P.S. I Love You (I cried through the entire movie. Like, mascara all over pillow, and my mom had to come ask if I was okay.)




Into The Woods

La Vita E Bella (this one we watched at school. I looked like crap the rest of the day)

Quite honestly, that’s just the beginning of the list, because as you may have realized, yes, I am a crier. I can’t help it. I’m not even sorry.


Well, on that cheerful note:

Here are my nominees!!!!







Graceful Donkey




The Last Of The Milleniums

And here are the ten questions. Ready to bare your soul?

1. Skiing or swimming, and why?

2. Which superhero would you like to be, and why? (if you choose Spiderman, then high-five)

3. Which book speaks to you, personally, the most? (I swear if you say Twilight, I un-nominate you)

4. If you could go into the past and do one thing – and only one thing – what would it be?

5. A propos: Would you rather time-travel to the past, or to the future?

6. If you were offered a fully sponsored trip to the moon, would you dare to take it? (I personally feel that plummeting to my doom from the top of the atmosphere might be a little nerve-wracking)

7. Would you rather be the only immortal being ever, or the only mortal being?

8. Fashion or comfort?

9. How do you think you are going to die? How would you like to die? (not trying to be dismal)

10. What would you name newborn twins (a girl and a boy) if you had them tomorrow?

And please tag me so I don’t miss your posts :)





My Brother, The Future Cult Leader


Greetings peeps!


Yes, I am personally convinced that my younger brother will grow up to be a cult leader (*dictator*). True, he may only be fifteen, but he’s also six feet tall, and he has the predisposition to be one, I swear.

Let me explain why:

Recently, I was telling a story that took place in a car, and my dear brother decided that, no, it had taken place in a boat. Because he remembered it. I didn’t believe him.

That is literally the whole basis of what happened next.

A look of intense emotional pain came over my brother’s face, as he closed his eyes, attempting to calm himself (despite my apparently unfathomable stupidity). And he proceeded to give this little speech:

“You’re saying, that you don’t believe – that you don’t trust – my absolute – my absolute knowledge. – It’s not even questionable, or doubtful; it’s absolute. I’ve never been more sure about something, than the fact that we were in. a. boat. Believe me. […]”

I sat there, being edified, occasionally injecting that it was definitely in a car. #soprovocative

But he was relentless (the word “absolute” was used quite frequently).

Meanwhile, I could gradually feel the strength leaving my body.

His words beat down on my head.

His voice resonated throughout the living room.

Trying to cure me of my idiocy.

I had to use all my self control not to slide off the couch and lie lifelessly on the floor.

my future

‘Make it stop’, the voice inside my head was whimpering.

I knew I couldn’t last much longer. I was nearing capitulation.

Thankfully, in that moment, my mother requested that my brother clean the kitchen, and my dignity was saved.


But imagine the potential!

Imagine the great things my brother could accomplish with this self-confidence and determination!

I am certain that by age forty, he will have established his own community, created to serve him and his beliefs. They will call him “master”.

So watch out, world!




Onision Restored My Confidence


Hey peeps,


Before I’m off to go swimming (talk about too darn hott), I’d like to say something about Onision, aka Gregory Jackson. (check out his main channel here)

It can very well be argued that Onision says too much sometimes. Too direct, too harsh, extremely judgemental. Quite often, his opinions are highly controversial.

And I don’t think we would get along. At all, really. He’s too unforgiving a person for me to forgive – ya dig?

However, you have to hand it to him: A lot of what he says, as un-sugarcoated as it is, can be very true – and that seems to be his motto anyways.

Especially on his channel “UhOhBro”

And despite everything, I actually have a rather subjective and very personal reason to appreciate his channels, and that is this video.

Now, I’m sorry that the video might well be offensive to plenty of other people – I mean, what he says might not even be entirely true – but honestly, I don’t care.

I can tell you: I work out. I eat healthy. Am i skinny? No I am not. Do I have a thigh gap? Nooo I don’t. In fact, with my specific build, I’d actually have to starve myself to the point of emaciation to have any mentionable thigh gap.

Now, I have always known that I was healthy, and that, logically, I shouldn’t need a thigh gap for any real reason. Not only that, I am normally an extremely confident girl, and one who cares very little about the judgement of the masses.

And yet, this predisposition couldn’t prevent the effect that social media and other women’s expectations had on me for years, undermining my self confidence, substracting from my personal happiness.

Then, in a moment of particular resentment towards this goal I would never reach, I discovered Onision’s video. All I can say is that watching it gave me more confidence than I had had in ages. It felt good just to hear anybody go on about how okay it is not to be skinny – but especially a guy, considering the less than honest relationship between most girls (discussed in this recent post).

Alas, this is an unlikely scene irl…

And it’s not just that one video that deserves more gratitude. Onision has made countless videos promoting common sense and healthy lifestyles, instead of what might be a popular opinion or, in this case, a (for most, though not all, as he admits) unattainable and unhealthy beauty ideal. He keeps it real, and though I may disagree with some things he says, I respect that.

I will watch his videos. Until. He. Stops. Posting.




Why Teen Wolf Is So Popular #somysterious


Hi peeps!


So, of late, I have been devoting what may seem like too much time to a new show I’ve just discovered (praise the lord for internet streaming) – that is, a show that has existed since 2011, meaning that I can shamelessy binge watch it until my brain turns to mush. #hurrahhh

*silently mourns the life she once had*

And, yes, the title has already ruined all the built up tension (I tried). It’s Teen Wolf.

Now, admittedly, I can only think of two things about the show that are worth paying any attention to, namely the storyline and the JAWDROPPINGLY GORGEOUS ACTORS (cuz let’s be honest; the dialogue and cliff hangers are almost ridiculous – they’ve used the “you’re gonna need a bigger boat” reference at least twice in four seasons, to my knowledge; something that doesn’t go unnoticed when absorbing 4 seasons in one week).

But in all honesty, who doesn’t want to see a bunch of stunning people kick people’s butts?

I mean, look at this gorgeous boy:

*silently drools over computer screen*

But not just Dylan O’Brien, oh no, then we’ve got Tyler Posey

that haircut does you favors, mate

Daniel Sharman

i mean could they get any uglier?

even Colton Haynes, even though you kinda hate him

gorgeous little slimeball

and let’s not even start on this piece of PERFECTION #LoveTylerHoechlin

ok so i added a couple more pictures…it’s not like there was any competition in the first place *.*

even the evil bastuart of a particular character whom I won’t include for spoiler reasons, but I think anyone who’s watched knowssss who I’m talking about.

And let’s not forget about the girls (I’m talking to you, Holland Roden).

beautiful Crystal Reed

and last but not least, our newbie, Shelley Hennig

Ok, so I’m a little sorry for fangirling all over my blog, but I did make a category just for that, so suck it up, peeps. You know you enjoyed those pics thoroughly. :) :) :) :) #somebodyloveme




No E’s Allowed #stopthebullying – the challenge


Hi peeps!


I’ve just been challenged by our dear Happy Kelly Days to complete the “no E’s challenge”. Quite surprising, as the first of anything always is *smiles coyly*

Basically, you write a paragraph that contains no E’s whatsoever, which judging by my mere greeting, should be quite a feat. I’ve used 26 E’s and counting sofar, so I’m going to get them all out of my system before starting (this should be great for the next “I’m packing my suitcase” brainstorm):

elefant (wow penny much creative)



effocate (don’t actually know what that means)

enamel (or that)

eroneous (or this – i’m starting to doubt my *intelligence*)


emma (oh are we allowing names now)



espagnol (ok and foreign languages apparently)


RIGHT my vocabulary seems to be quite limited, so let’s continue with the real business:

How it Might Start – For Romantics

At first, you will not match, but you will grow akin, until all is lost. And all is found. You know a pain in your soul, if your man is not around. But soon it stops and you know that all is good. And nothing can ruin this. No sun, no moon, no stars can rob you of your days in unison.



I never thought I’d go down that topic route. #allthesap

especially having just described in detail why i should stay single – well haha i know no rules #badass

But I hope you enjoyed my little…musing? :D

And nowwwwww


MY nominees!

1. Kait

2. Ash (honestly I can’t really pronounce your full name and I feel horrible but Ash is cool, right?)

3. Mon (is a girl’s name)

4. Ben

5. Charlotte


And the rules of the game (according to Redefining Random, it’s fabulous founder, and shamelessy copy-pasted from Kelly onto here):

  • Write a whole paragraph ( a paragraph sounds easy right?) without any word containing the letter “e” (still easy for ya?)
  • By reading this you are already signed up.
  • Challenge at least five bloggers to do the challenge. They must do it within 24 hours or it is considered as failure.
  • If you fail or pass, suffer in the Hall of Noobs
  • If you win, wallow in the Hall of We
  • You will receive a pingback to your post to know if you have passed or failed.
  • To make it easy for the above mentioned dude to keep track, link your post back to=>Redefining Random

Have fun and definitely tag me ˆˆ so I can see what you come up with!




How I Totally Crushed The First Date #orsomething


My darling peeps,


As I am young and rather inexperienced, such things like first dates and flirtacious actions don’t exactly come, well, naturally to me.

However, at my class’ end-of-the-year party, a rather socially awkward Penny became a very fearless one. (more to Party Penny and her misAdventures here ˆˆ)

And so it came to be that I somehow ended up taking selfies with a particular party crasher, while gently ignoring his attempts at hitting on me, as I was more in a yaysummer mood than a flirty one.

my impending doom

Soon, it was time for me to head home – gotta love a curfew – so I bade my goodbyes (oh so tearful), and was off.


This guy apparently hadn’t had enough of the hot mess he had just encountered…so he got hold of a number, and texted it, without even knowing whose it was. The friend of mine who happened to be the textee asked me if it was ok to give this guy (we’ll call him Jake) my number.

Now, whether this behavior should be categorized as hulloh-prince-charming or potential-stalker, I was quite flattered, so I agreed. And whaddayaknow, Jake texts me and immediately starts gushing out emojis and little compliments, and after a few brief exchanges, asks me out on a date.

Like I said, my current mentality was more focused on me, myself, and my sunny July. But who can resist the persistent attention of a new admirer? We set an appointment, and eventually, it was time.

*Sigh* Well, not only had Party Penny met this person instead of Real Time Penny, but it had also been dark. So I was a little surprised when I spotted him in the distance – and it became clear that he was about an inch and a half shorter than me.

Please don’t hate me, I really don’t want to be this shallow, and I realize I sound like the most arrogant little brat in the world. So, I told myself that his personality might be absolutely stunning, and that he might sweep me off my feet on a whole different level.

See this is NOT me. I swear. #diggingmyowngrave

However, he was also wearing flip-flops and a tank top, which was almost a slap in the face considering the effort I had gone to in order to make myself date-worthy (yet seemingly careless, of course). We’re talking standards here.

And suddenly, a wave of nervousness hit me. What if we were, as I suspected, completely incompatible? What if he thought I was hideous? Why did I even care? I had to circle around the building and calm down before actually going up and saying hi.

hahahahahaha sure thing #notlikeitsmyfirstdateinninemonthsoranything

I might say the date was…underwhelming. Jake was a nice enough guy, so no personal grudges there, but it was pretty clear that we were neither meant to be, nor were we looking for the same type of relationship (what kind of relationship was I looking for anyway?). And though a glass of wine tried to persuade me otherwise, I knew that there would be no happy ending to this story.

my birthday is creeping towards the present…so…(pls get me this someone)

Towards the end of the date, I was desperately trying to stay flirty and fun while simultaneously remaining at a physical distance. But with his determination, there was no polite way out of an eventual kiss. (ok, maybe I just need to learn to say “no”, but it really wasn’t the end of the world. I’ve kissed people before.)

This. Guy. Was. A. Smoker.

I think you can imagine what I’m about to say.



except, yknow, less nicolas cage and more decomposition

Stopping myself from ranting on that topic, let’s just note that the date was over rather quickly after that (again, curfew, this time to my rescue). And I started planning how to subtly push Jake away from my dating life.

Well, again via text, I soon made it rather obvious that I was not romantically interested, which was met with little resistance. Except that, as I said previously, the two of us had entirely different priorities.

And he promptly suggested we become friends with benefits.

I needed to escape, and quick.

I attempted to decline the offer, but he kept pushing the idea, insisting that he really enjoyed kissing me.


Finally, I lost it. Sortof. Knowing myself, I knew that putting my thoughts into words might come across a little….well, much like a bomb. Destruction and chaos might result. So I controlled myself. Sortof.

What I ended up sending him was a long chain of memes (about twenty I’d say), describing what an utter douchebag I considered him to be. I’m not exactly proud.

does this make me one of them?

Needless to say, the conversation was cut short – this involved an angry retort on his part and my blocking of his number – and I was free!

But, yknow, trust that love will find you! There’s someone for everyone! #lovewins

I’ll just enjoy my sunny July over here ˆˆ




8 Things To Do On A Long Flight – you can flyyy you can flyyy you can flyyyyyyyyy ˆˆ


Hi peeps!


As it is summer, I figure many of you may be going to exciting new places, travelling the world, visiting relatives, hangin’ at the beach, all of those fab things.

And of course, in order to achieve this fun (*insert salsa dance emoji here*) it is often necessary to fly.

alas, not like this #crushingdreams

This can be – entirely apart from the whole airport experience – quite a grueling process (although, the feeling of imminent death at take-off and landing do provide rather thrilling adrenaline rushes). Of course, as long as you’re not afraid of flying – I won’t add in any statistics here because I’m not sure if they’d be helpful or not – you can always just watch a dulling stream of, yknow, four, five, six movies and be done with it.

no judgement – also, fun fact: Whenever I’m on a plane, I get this irresistable urge to watch all the depressing movies – and I mean ALL of them. Les Mis, The Book Thief, Titanic, Gladiator, you  name it. So then my neighbors get the beautiful picture of mascara streaming down my face the entire flight. I can’t help it.

However, it’s only a matter of time before you’re really just watching the leftover options, and this could be anything from StarTrek (pls don’t attack me for that) to Mickey’s Great Adventures. Ah, yes. Boredom strikes!

But do not despair, for here I have made a list….WAYS TO OCCUPY YOURSELF ON LONG PLANE FLIGHTS!!! #applauseapplause

1. Ring up the flight attendants for water. Decide you don’t want it when they arrive. Repeat until they refuse to come. Then complain.

jk I just wanted to put that in there. No rly here goes:


1. Move aroung until you discover the perfect sleeping position.

Pro: This could last the entire flight.

Con: Because that position doesn’t exist.

now THERES a real option

or you can always do it like this

2. Entertain the small child two seats down.

Pro: Could last the entire flight, because the child doesn’t tire.

Con: Could last the entire flight, because the child doesn’t tire.

fun, fun, fun all the way

3. Become friends with your neighbor.

Pro: Interesting new conversation partner.

Con: Realizing you have nothing in common two hours into your ten hour flight.

when they side with your ex… #friendsproblems

4. Listen to classical music on the radio.

Pro: Very sophistication, much educated.

Con: 30 minute speaking-intermissions no one listens to.


5. Draw and express the talent you don’t usually have time for.

Pro: “Wowww did you draw that?”

Con: “We are experiencing some slight turbulences. Please remain calm.”

i don’t even know what this is

6. Read that book you’ve been meaning to read.

Pro: You’re finally reading that book.

Con: “We are experiencing some slight turbulences. Please remain calm.”


7. Sleep. (referring back to 1., this might be difficult)

Pro: Avoiding jet-lag.

Con: …but you could be watching a movie…

Two types of people.

8. Watch movies until you arrive.


Con: …feeling unfulfilled?

nahh, she looks fine

Imma be watching the movies. No question.

Have a great trip! (See you in the fall – hehe)


Also, it’s my Dad’s birthday today – he’s 45 :)

Happy birthday Daddy!