Summer Sun Is Rainy


Hi peeps,


For the last two days, it has been pouring rain and freezing cold. #cheerfulopening

Which means, as all my Swiss readers will know, that summer probably isn’t coming back.

Just think, though: in a few weeks, this could be us :D

And so, I will accept reality by giving a little appreciation towards the beautiful June/July that we had.


Obligatory view pic #ticino


Obligatory tasty food pic #mylifeisbetterthanyours

And, well, most of the rest of my summer can be summed up by this:



Although, I did get free roses on my romantic evening with whatshisface:


Ungrateful much? Well, they’re dead now anyway…so #forgiveandforget, yknow? #truehippie

And to come to a close, we’re going to Europapark tomorrow, cuz it’s my Mom’s birthday!!

Prepare for my transformation into an adrenaline junkie

Happy birthday, Mom!!!

Wait, thats not right…

Thats more like it :D





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