Why Teen Wolf Is So Popular #somysterious


Hi peeps!


So, of late, I have been devoting what may seem like too much time to a new show I’ve just discovered (praise the lord for internet streaming) – that is, a show that has existed since 2011, meaning that I can shamelessy binge watch it until my brain turns to mush. #hurrahhh

*silently mourns the life she once had*

And, yes, the title has already ruined all the built up tension (I tried). It’s Teen Wolf.

Now, admittedly, I can only think of two things about the show that are worth paying any attention to, namely the storyline and the JAWDROPPINGLY GORGEOUS ACTORS (cuz let’s be honest; the dialogue and cliff hangers are almost ridiculous – they’ve used the “you’re gonna need a bigger boat” reference at least twice in four seasons, to my knowledge; something that doesn’t go unnoticed when absorbing 4 seasons in one week).

But in all honesty, who doesn’t want to see a bunch of stunning people kick people’s butts?

I mean, look at this gorgeous boy:

*silently drools over computer screen*

But not just Dylan O’Brien, oh no, then we’ve got Tyler Posey

that haircut does you favors, mate

Daniel Sharman

i mean could they get any uglier?

even Colton Haynes, even though you kinda hate him

gorgeous little slimeball

and let’s not even start on this piece of PERFECTION #LoveTylerHoechlin

ok so i added a couple more pictures…it’s not like there was any competition in the first place *.*

even the evil bastuart of a particular character whom I won’t include for spoiler reasons, but I think anyone who’s watched knowssss who I’m talking about.

And let’s not forget about the girls (I’m talking to you, Holland Roden).

beautiful Crystal Reed

and last but not least, our newbie, Shelley Hennig

Ok, so I’m a little sorry for fangirling all over my blog, but I did make a category just for that, so suck it up, peeps. You know you enjoyed those pics thoroughly. :) :) :) :) #somebodyloveme





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