No E’s Allowed #stopthebullying – the challenge


Hi peeps!


I’ve just been challenged by our dear Happy Kelly Days to complete the “no E’s challenge”. Quite surprising, as the first of anything always is *smiles coyly*

Basically, you write a paragraph that contains no E’s whatsoever, which judging by my mere greeting, should be quite a feat. I’ve used 26 E’s and counting sofar, so I’m going to get them all out of my system before starting (this should be great for the next “I’m packing my suitcase” brainstorm):

elefant (wow penny much creative)



effocate (don’t actually know what that means)

enamel (or that)

eroneous (or this – i’m starting to doubt my *intelligence*)


emma (oh are we allowing names now)



espagnol (ok and foreign languages apparently)


RIGHT my vocabulary seems to be quite limited, so let’s continue with the real business:

How it Might Start – For Romantics

At first, you will not match, but you will grow akin, until all is lost. And all is found. You know a pain in your soul, if your man is not around. But soon it stops and you know that all is good. And nothing can ruin this. No sun, no moon, no stars can rob you of your days in unison.



I never thought I’d go down that topic route. #allthesap

especially having just described in detail why i should stay single – well haha i know no rules #badass

But I hope you enjoyed my little…musing? :D

And nowwwwww


MY nominees!

1. Kait

2. Ash (honestly I can’t really pronounce your full name and I feel horrible but Ash is cool, right?)

3. Mon (is a girl’s name)

4. Ben

5. Charlotte


And the rules of the game (according to Redefining Random, it’s fabulous founder, and shamelessy copy-pasted from Kelly onto here):

  • Write a whole paragraph ( a paragraph sounds easy right?) without any word containing the letter “e” (still easy for ya?)
  • By reading this you are already signed up.
  • Challenge at least five bloggers to do the challenge. They must do it within 24 hours or it is considered as failure.
  • If you fail or pass, suffer in the Hall of Noobs
  • If you win, wallow in the Hall of We
  • You will receive a pingback to your post to know if you have passed or failed.
  • To make it easy for the above mentioned dude to keep track, link your post back to=>Redefining Random

Have fun and definitely tag me ˆˆ so I can see what you come up with!





Feel free to express yourselves :) #madonnareference

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