how to react when a friend fishes for compliments – the truthful guide


Darling peeps, what a gorgeous day it is!


So, we’ve all been there – the land of self-loathing and critique, that is – and I can’t be far off in saying that we’ve all complained to our patient friends about how fat, weird, unpopular, or ugly we are (queue the tiny violin). In other words: We love to self-depricate.

And the only problem in this wonderfully liberating exercise is that sometimes, those friends aren’t quite as patient and doting as we had hoped.

I’m talking about responses like

“omg I’ve gained so much weight” – “well then just go on a diet for a while and you’ll be fine”


“ugh I have like two friends and everyone hates me” – “well, two friends is all you really need to have a good time!”

I could go on (with my vast experience of the fishing, no judgement pls), but I think you get the picture. I mean what really bugs me is that the “friends” giving these responses are genuinely trying to help, and usually, they’re even right!

But what they don’t understand:

Just flat out deny all flaws. That’s right. Live in denial. #healthyhabits

Now, as of yet I’m not saying much that hasn’t been said before by someone or another. However. Here it comes.

Then there are the people who just lose all sense of etiquette and humoring. And. They. Join. In.


This is when we have examples like these delightful ones:

“omg I’ve gained so much weight” – “well you have been eating a lot of dessert, tbh….”

“ugh I have like two friends and…” – “I think that’s because people don’t like your first impression, actually”

I’m sorry, give me a moment.

Because this has just rendered me speechless.

It’s like they’ve never even heard of LYING.

That’s the answer really.

Whether it’s the best friend, or the mother, or the brother who doesn’t even care if you look fat in that dress.

Yes, that’s the moral: Lie, kids, lie your asses off. Because it makes everyone happy.

Dishonesty is the right way to go.


so much serenity





Feel free to express yourselves :) #madonnareference

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