Meet: My Inner Hobo


Yello peeps,


Lately I have been experiencing some inner turmoil. Why? Because I am growing up – or rather, I should be growing up. This fall I will be entering my senior year of high school; in September, I need to start applying to universities. Meanwhile, yesterday i woke up at two in the afternoon, and then I watched the entire Jurassic trilogy – and it was fabulous! (this was inspired by the fact that I had just seen Jurassic World in the theaters, so if you haven’t yet, let me tell you: you are missing out.)

Trying not to resent this… Then again, this movie is also the reason I wanted to be a velociraptor for most of my childhood. So maybe it’s better this way.

I have ambitions in life! I swear! I know that I want to get a fascinating degree, a well-paid job, raise a family, see the world – I know that I only have one life and that I should make the most of it.

But at the same time, something inside me is trying to escape. It wants to take over my life. It wants to kill my dreams and demolish my future.

You guessed it: It’s my inner hobo.

This girl’s number one goal is to chill out, to love nature, to sleep under the stars, to not gaf about style or hygiene. #priorities

Kindof like this:

I was gonna use a funny homeless meme, but they seemed a little cruel, so I’ve put in this instead. Not to say that whoever made it doesn’t worry me slightly…

Now, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely do not want to be a hobo. I quite enjoy beds and warm food, thank you. I read a book once, in which being homeless was romanticized beyond belief. It was irritating to see how stupid *some* people can be.

And yet, what does it say about my person, when a tiny little part of me actually tries to convince my brain that having a respectable life isn’t important. Like living on the streets is a legit option?!

It just goes to show the extent of my UTTERLY UNGLAUBLICHE laziness (for those non-german-speakers among you, “unglaublich” translates into “unbelievable”, but I felt that it sounded more dramatic).

To clarify, I’m being completely serious when I say that my mind basically wants two things:

1. To be rich and powerful and control global diplomacy. (in case it wasn’t obvious, this is the good part. good.)

Where can I join?

2. To do nothing and live off bread and cheese. (just to emphasize, yes, this is the bad part.)

I feel like no comment is necessary…#commentsanyway

I have to struggle with my inner hobo on an almost daily basis, because she wants so badly to be free.

But I must not let her win.

I WILL SURVIVE   (–> magical song reference)

And then, maybe, when I’m old and retired, I can let her breathe a little, because I will have my life-savings to prevent me from ultimate descent into bestiality.



Don’t judge me, I won’t judge you. :)





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