Sport – In Which Certain Backsides Were Mistreated


For those who are not familiar with the idea: a so-called “Sporttag” (translates into: sport day) is a day where the entire school plays sports all day. Big aha Moment.

This year, my grade played sqash, tennis, and badminton in the morning, which was fun. I went for squash, and my butt was sincerely thanking me (“thanking”) the next day. No regrets. That shit is awesome.

Wait…that’s the wrong squash…

In the afternoon, it was time for my volleyball team to impress the world with its talents.

The grand opening of our first game:

The omniscient volleyball.

There we stood, the four of us, in the heat, sweating.

The sun beat down on our foreheads, tense silence ruled the field.

The shrill sound of the whistle pierced the air.


With adrenaline rushing through her body, my teammate heroically jumped for the ball.

She slipped.

She landed in the grass.

On her ass. #oohitrhymes

Grace in its true form.

It was an extremely impressive moment, as the ball shot off into the nearby bushes. Everyone laughed.

In fairness to my dear team-player, she was later a major cause of victory on our part, and this may or may not have involved 30 consecutive serves that each lead directly to a point.

And we ended up winning the tournament.

Credits, therefore, not only to her, but also to the rest of the team!

That’s right, peeps.

So, I’m done bragging :)




Feel free to express yourselves :) #madonnareference

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