week 3, running out of clothing


If any of you have seen posts like “collegeproblems” or “procrastinationforbeginners” or anything similar, you’ll know exactly what I mean when I tell you I have serious issues with laundry.

I have not done laundry in almost a month. Of course, I think my mom has done a load or two for me (credits), but still.

This would be me as a mother.

Now, as horrifying as this fact would seem, it has also made me realize how many clothes I have. Because I haven’t had to wear anything dirty. No joke. Actually, I should probably do something about this hoarding (however, the Ghostbusters shirt will never ever ever leave my ownership). In any case, I’m trying to use this post as an incentive to go wash stuff.

Do you have this problem too? I’d love to read your comments, and stay tuned for more (un)necessary tidbits under “daily tmi“! #infomercialvoice




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