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Is Gay A “Trend”?


Hi fellow Internetpeople,


I’m sure we’re all aware of society’s growing dispute on the topic of LGBT and anything in that category. And if not, then please comment and tell us all which planet you’ve been living on ;)

Shout out to Ireland.


Anyway, I was reading an article on LGBT expression connected to freedom of speech and rights to biological parents etc. (which was really fascinating so click on this link to read it, there are some really good points in both the article and the one it discusses) and it inspired me to write this one.

I have a few LGBT friends, and while I fully support everything about it, one of them actually said to me that they wondered if being LGBT might just be “trending” (or maybe I read it somewhere, anywho… that’s what I’m going to write about now). I was quite surprised that they would say that, but it has definitely got me thinking.

Some things, like the classic “college girl lesbian experimenting”, have been a widely accepted part of society for a couple decades now, openly admitted and even joked about.

case and point


Other aspects like, say, the situation in ANCIENT Greece (that was more than two-and-a-half thousand years ago, think about it.), have been around for ages, and prove that people always have been, and always will be, inclined to engage in more than just man-woman relationships.

In fact there’s some very interesting information out there, for example: You may have heard that the idea of soldiers in ancient Greece having romantic feelings towards each other was popularly believed to boost fighting morale. But did you know that even though Homer didn’t actually portray the relationship between Achilles and Patroclus as a sexual one, the Greeks shipped them tremendously? Yes, it was a thing, even way back then. Here’s some ancient fan-art:

Was I the only one who didn’t really know this?

Enough rambling: My point is, in the past few years, more and more people have been describing themselves (especially on social media, where anonymity plays a large role in self-confidence) as “confused”, “unsure”, “searching”, or “experimenting” with, for, or about their sexual orientation.

Or look at all the celebrities who are suddenly coming out at bisexual. Would they have done that ten years ago? Exactly.

megan fox…

…billie joe armstrong…

…lady gaga … and these are just a few



And I am in no way questioning the truth of such claims, but here is where you finally find out what the title of this post is supposed to mean ;) –>

Are all these people are finally free to express themselves, because the subject is no longer tabu? Or has the “trending” of the issue only just made them subconsciously aware that they are even “allowed” to have these thoughts?

It’s probably a combination of both, but I just wanted to put my thoughts on the matter out there, and I’d love to hear what you think in the comments.





Finding the Loophole – For Irresponsible Under-18s


Hi fellow Internetpeople,


So it my friend had her 18th birthday, and she was to throw a party.

Now, living in a country where the legal drinking age is 18, I felt obligated to make sure she was provided the proper material. My present to her would have to include some of the strong stuff.

before the 18th birthday


The only slight problem was… I am still 17.

This was going to be a delicate matter.

Along with another friend – for “moral” support, if you can call it that in this situation – who is 16, I showed up at the grocery store, where I knew I could buy a shot (which could easily be concealed from judgmental stares).

At first, we sneaked suspiciously around the alcohol section for a bit, trying to find the ideal gift. To our dismay, however, the little one-person-bottles were placed behind the counter, meaning that there was only one way to go about the situation:

Looking as casual and uncaring as seemed humanly possible while my heart raced and my legs wobbled, my friend and I slid up to the counter, glanced nonchalantly at the cashier, and I asked:

“Um…excuse me please…we would like to uh…buy, well, you see, um, a shot, actually, so yeah…”

So articulate.

Oh look, that’s me!


The cashier shot me a look so critical I thought I was going to burst into flames.

I tried not to sweat.

“What, um…would you, hehe, suggest?” my friend added, to further improve our credibility.

I suppose the guy didn’t want to embarrass us right away, so he sighed and pulled out a couple brands.

My friend and I stared at them, utterly clueless. One of them was a couple bucks cheaper than the other, so I was tempted to go for that.

“Ah, a fine choice”, the young-ish cashier sneered, “if you’re sixty. Seriously, only old people drink this. It’s gross.”

So, my face burning with shame, I pointed at the other bottle – a plain old vodka I had sampled on occasion – and croaked that I wanted to buy that one.

“Ok, can I see your ID?”

ahh, me again…


I suppressed a gulp, and began searching for my wallet. My friend and I shot panicked looks at each other. I was no way going to get away with this! What should I do? Cover my age with my thumb?!

Sadly, I’ll never know if I’d have gotten away with it, however, because I totally chickened out and blurted:

“How precisely are you gonna check?!”

This is exactly the look we were given.


Needless to say, we had no choice but to spend the next five minutes pestering 20-ish looking people to help us, until finally, a girl agreed. I was so grateful I tipped her two bucks (making it nearly 10 altogether).

I’m writing this article so that BirthdayGirl can appreciate what I went through for her :P




Parties, Regrets, and Split Personalities


Hi fellow Internetpeople,

All right. Oncoming confession.

Have you ever gone to an event (a party, i.e.), and created memories you now regret in every possible way?

Congratulations! So have I!

This dog looks like he understands.

Except, while most people do this once or twice and learn from their embarrassment, I seem to have this uncontrollable pattern of FORGETTING MY PAST the day of the event, so that I end up simply increasing the amount of mistakes that I can later obsess over while trying to fall asleep.

You see, there are two possible Pennys you might encounter:

1. Conservative, careful, shy, SENSIBLE Penny (downside: slightly boring)

2. Wild, fun, 100% uninhibited, awesome Penny (downside: *mild* insanity)

And naturally, whenever I go out, I am entirely aware of this fact, so I do my best to ensure that Penny number one does in no way come to light. (life lesson: always be yourself, kids!)

In fact, there are exactly two occasions I’ve been to that did not result in cringe-worthy flashbacks later in my more civilized moments. However, both of these occasions are also not even worth mentioning, because literally nothing interesting happened.

I believe an important quote by I’m-not-sure-who is appropriate:

“The greatest regrets do not come from what you did, but what you did not do.”

Aren’t I, though?

My point being, as a very wise 17-year-old: I have zero intentions of changing in the near future! #tadaaaa

Also, for any of you who might be interested, here is the last horrific thing that I did at a party:

I love to dance. I kid you not. I will always be that weirdo that drags their friend onto the dance floor before anyone else has even finished their drink. And not be ashamed.

So, at this last dance party, I was dancing with a guy friend, and we WERE ON A ROLL, peeps, we were on fire! All the moves, yeah man.

Of course, then what happens, is that carried-away Penny decides to do the ULTIMATE swag dance move: The-twist-down-and-back-up-again-in-vintage-sixties-fashion.

My plan: Guy friend twists with me simultaneously, and we look totally cool.

Reality: Penny twists by herself, bringing head right down to *that* level, completely unaware of what world of innuendos (om-literal-g) she has just thrown herself into.

Penny didn’t notice this at the time, thank my lucky stars. Otherwise, that might have put a damper on my night.

But, because high school is a cruel, unforgiving place…girl friend who was present at the time has made sure that as many people find out about this as seems humanly possible. Hurrah for friends :)

I like how my guy friend, who surely was aware of this, did nothing to save me. Nothing. *crawls into solitary corner and cries*

Another adorable animal that looks like it would understand.

But, as I said before: Despite having all the regrets, I regret nothing! So join me in my dangerous fun!

And if you have stories you want to share, comment and I’ll feel better about myself ;)



I Need To Be Stressed


Hi fellow Internetpeople,

Now I’m sure we all know that feeling of boredom and abyss that crops up towards the end of, say, summer vacation. You’ve enjoyed your rest, and now you wanna do things and see people again, thank you very much.

I realize it’s a little out, but here’s a Ryan Gosling meme anyway.


So, do you believe me when I say that I, the absolute queen of procrastination, get this feeling all. The. Time.

Yep, whenever I have even a day of legit free time, it irritates me to the point where I fall into a state of total vegetation, literally just lying around, binge-watching Friends or the like. Recently, I spent an entire day watching every single one of Dan’s videos on YouTube. And this horrifying truth only hit me the next day, when I realized I had to leave the house for orchestra rehearsal.

You’d think that I would do things to prevent this from happening. Well, I do. I absolutely do. I am involved in no less than eight regular activities, I sign up for every thing I have even the slightest interest in, no joke, because I know that as soon as I get home, the evil void of pajamas and wonderful comfort will swallow me. I even study in the city library because at home, yeah no.

Honestly, I can’t really figure out what causes this behavior. Perhaps I am so lazy that I have to force the world to motivate me? In any case, I am so easily bored that I have a constant urge to overwhelm myself. Nice, Penny.

Actually though, I’m not even sorry. I very much enjoy my vicious cycle of obligations and procrastination. It gives me this immensely satisfying feeling of pro-activeness, independence, and survival. So join me, peeps!

I was actually looking for an ecard to describe my situation, but there weren’t any…so please please please leave comments and tell me how you feel about this! :)





week 3, running out of clothing


If any of you have seen posts like “collegeproblems” or “procrastinationforbeginners” or anything similar, you’ll know exactly what I mean when I tell you I have serious issues with laundry.

I have not done laundry in almost a month. Of course, I think my mom has done a load or two for me (credits), but still.

This would be me as a mother.

Now, as horrifying as this fact would seem, it has also made me realize how many clothes I have. Because I haven’t had to wear anything dirty. No joke. Actually, I should probably do something about this hoarding (however, the Ghostbusters shirt will never ever ever leave my ownership). In any case, I’m trying to use this post as an incentive to go wash stuff.

Do you have this problem too? I’d love to read your comments, and stay tuned for more (un)necessary tidbits under “daily tmi“! #infomercialvoice



Reasons To Start A Blog


This is my first post as a brand-new blogger, and I’m super excited!

Actually, I used to have a site, but the URL was my full name, which was kind of useless. So I never wrote anything.

However, I’m starting over now, because I love to write – about anything that’s on my mind, really.

But what are some other reasons to start a blog? If you are looking for inspiration or justification or for any reason at all, here are some suggestions:


1. You have some area of expertise to share: Or you’re a know-it-all; either way you’ll have stuff to say.

2. You are prone to monologuing: If nobody’s listening to you in real life, time to pester the internet! We understand!

3. You have many thoughts: Too much floating around in your head? Why not write it down for the world to see and appreciate? Deep thoughts, everyone, deep thoughts. Epiphanies everywhere.

4. You FEEL LIKE IT: If writing – about literally anything – makes you happy, then do it! Personal freedom is vital in this world!


Frankly, I myself read all sorts of babble, as long as the writing has a good style. There’s somebody for everybody, and there’s a reader for every blog, however random it may be. You wanna post 300 cat pictures a day? Somebody will worship your blog, I guarantee. Just look at Tumblr.

Therefore, I’m going to follow my dream, writing and posting. Enjoy!